Oleta Schoolhouse


The old schoolhouse was constructed in 1862 to replace an earlier building that was destroyed by fire. By 1863, 124 children were enrolled at Fiddletown School. When the town's name was changed in 1878, Fiddletown School became known as Oleta School, where grades one through eight were taught in the same room. Until transportation improved in the 1920's, children did not continue schooling after they completed the eighth grade. For one hundred years, there was a school in Fiddletown. Then in 1955, the school was closed and the children were sent to a newer school in Plymouth.

The Schoolhouse is currently in the final steps of being renovated. In 2010 the front porch was rebuilt. We are currently installing a septic system. By fall of 2012, one hundred fifty years after it opened its doors, the Schoolhouse will once again be a center of community culture and education. You can help with this! Contact us to find out how--we need volunteers and donations.


Fiddletown Schoolhouse Memories by Elaine Zorbas is now available for sale. Based on interviews with former students from the 1930s to the 1950s, this 15-page booklet is a compilation of first-person memories of attending this very special one-room school. To read a sample page, click here. To order this booklet, send $5.00 to the address listed here. All proceeds benefit the Schoolhouse Restoration Fund.