The Fiddletown Preservation Society
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Restoration of Chinese Structures Project (ROCS) Donation Guide

Help to Preserve our Unique
"Gold Rush Era" Buildings
(The only period remnants of Chinese influence in the motherlode)

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Donation Guide

Benefactor - $5000
Recognition on Historic Plaque at restored buildings.
Heritage - $1000
Entire series of Limited Edition signed prints by Ron Scofield.

Gold - $500
Choice of a Limited Edition signed print by Ron Scofield.
Brick and Mortar - $150
Brick outside buildings with your name engraved.
Silver - $100
Color Print of watercolor painting of Chew Kee Store.

Bronze - $75
Red polo shirt with Fiddletown logo.
Jade - $50
Art tile with Chinese Calligraphy.
Connoisseur - $25
Two special wine glasses with Fiddletown ROCS logo.

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